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Have you received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service ?

Been threatened with a tax lien?

Received notice your bank accounts are being levied?

Are your wages being garnished?

Applied for a passport and been denied due to unaddressed tax balances?

Have a business with unpaid payroll taxes and don’t know where to turn?

When you received an IRS notice, did you feel nauseus, can’t sleep… felt like someone had stuck your hand in a light socket? You are frozen and don’t know where to seek help, worse yet… can’t dial your phone to get help.

Ever receive a threatening letter from tax authorities that your assets (home) are being seized?

Receive a letter your refund was seized?

Received notice from the Registry of Motor Vehicles and department of Revenue that your drivers license is going to be suspended because of unaddressed tax items?

Been thru a divorce and could not address your tax issues for several years?

Have you had medical issues including addiction and rehab or incarceration and could not address past tax issues?

Have tax problems caused by an EX-spouse that has you receiving IRS hate mail?

Have not filed a tax return in numerous years and fearful of the consequences?

You are bankrupt and can’t pay past taxes?

Received a notice of deficiency and tax court appears looming in the correspondence?

Received a knock at the door and could not answer it because the previous day a IRS Revenue Officer paid you a visit and left a business card in your door jam or mailbox?


You should know you are not alone.

Sabo CPA is a solution and the perfect CPA firm to assist you in your journey back to a happier life. All the situations above, and many more have been addressed by our firm. Your problem, whatever the cause, will be dealt with compassion, understanding and professionalism. Our goal is to get you a future life!!!

For the past thirty five years, SABO CPA has assisted many individuals and businesses resolve tax difficulties. Let’s work together to get your life back. Call us and don’t delay putting you or your business on a positive track !!