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Small Business Accounting Services

Close-up of Accountant using computerSmall Business Accounting Services – By Any Other Name

The phrase “Bookkeeping Services” goes by many names. Accounting professionals today call it Client Accounting Services. Older CPAs call it write-up work, because they were “writing up” or compiling the numbers to generate the trial balance.

You might hear the phrase outsourced accounting services, which simply means you’re letting another company handle your books. Virtual accounting services and cloud accounting are two terms for bookkeeping that is done using accounting software that’s entirely online (as compared to on your local PC).

Most entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses simply call it bookkeeping or handling the books. No matter what you call it, your books contain valuable information to help you run your business. It’s important that they are accurate, timely, and efficiently processed.

How You’ll Benefit

There are so many benefits to hiring a bookkeeping company to take care of your books. Depending on the level needed, we have temporary in-house bookkeeping and third-party vendors that can provide you with:

 Peace of Mind


 Better Business Insight

 Tax Time Is a Little Less Taxing

 More Profits


 Freedom from Supervisory Chores